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How to choose an obstetrician

If you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, having an obstetrician who you can trust is key. Here are some important questions to ask when choosing an obstetrician:

At what hospital does the obstetrician attend births?

You cannot assume your chosen doctor will be able to deliver your baby at your chosen hospital. Novant Health Rankin OB/GYN doctors deliver babies at the main campus of Presbyterian Hospital.

Does the obstetrician's practice accept your health insurance?

Making sure your chosen doctor accepts your insurance could save your time and expense later in your pregnancy. Novant Health Rankin OB/GYN accepts most major health insurance plans; you can visit our Insurance Page for a complete list of accepted policies.

Is the obstetrician's office convenient to your home or office?

You will visit regularly, so choose an office convenient to your location and schedule. Novant Health Rankin OB/GYN has a number of convenient offices throughout the Charlotte area, with free wi-fi at each. And, our physicians regularly offer Saturday and evening hours so visits fit easily into your schedule.

How does the practice handle prenatal visits?

Do you primarily see one doctor in the practice, or do your visits rotate among physicians? While some obstetrics groups rotate patients among physicians, at Novant Health Rankin OB/GYN you will have one primary doctor, and every effort will be made to schedule your prenatal appointments with that person. We believe this continuity of care gives you the best possible support during your pregnancy. Should you need care when your primary doctor is unavailable, the entire network of Novant Health Rankin OB/GYN providers is available to you.

Do you have health issues (previous c-sections, etc.) or chronic illnesses (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.) that might affect your pregnancy?

Mention these to obstetricians you are considering, and make sure you are comfortable with their plans to handle these conditions. At Rankin Women's Center, our board certified or board eligible obstetricians are highly skilled in special needs pregnancies, and will work with you to address any concerns.

What is the doctor's attitude about issues important to you or your partner (IVs, fetal monitoring, doulas, natural childbirth)?

Only you and your partner know your questions in these areas. At Novant Health Rankin OB/GYN, we have a variety of obstetricians who will help you determine the safest way to have your baby while respecting your wishes.

Are you comfortable with the obstetrician? Office? Answers you receive to questions?

Choosing an obstetrician is a personal decision, and you deserve a doctor who can answer your questions and make you feel at ease. At Novant Health Rankin OB/GYN, it is our goal to show each patient compassion while providing the highest quality care. We hope you will contact us for a consultation, by either requesting an appointment online or calling our office at 704-384-1620.



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